Libraries of Sanctuary – YouTube recording

Organised by CILIP Scotland, this webinar was held on 11 March 2022.

“Around the world, more people than ever are being forced to flee conflict, changing climates, environmental degradation, and persecution to find safety and sanctuary elsewhere. Libraries welcome people seeking sanctuary and other new arrivals into their communities and seek to foster cultures of welcome and inclusivity.

Watch along with this unique online learning event during which we learned more about Libraries of Sanctuary, the vital value of the contribution they make, and how your own library services can get involved in becoming a Library of Sanctuary. We were delighted to be joined by Ashley Beckett and Gün Orgun from City of Sanctuary, John Vincent, coordinator of The Network and author of Facet’s […] book ‘Libraries and Sanctuary: supporting refugees and other new arrivals’, and Dylan Fotoohi, a founding member of Refugees 4 Justice in Glasgow.”

“Libraries of Sanctuary”

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