“Weeping Bank”

What is “Weeping Bank”?

Weeping Bank Library brings engaging performances of ghost stories, read by the author, to people through their local library. In the style of M.R.James, and enhanced by period props, low light, candles & subtle sound effects, these are intimate & unique experiences for both avid & reluctant readers.

The writing and reading of ghost stories began as something the author would share with his family at Christmas, but soon turned into a small performance at his local library and eventually expanding into yearly visits to a number of libraries in the south Staffs and Black Country area.

The concept of Weeping Bank Library as a repository of cautionary, chilling tales collected from the ‘local’ area soon developed with the author taking on the role of ‘The Librarian’ and remaining in character throughout the readings.

As readings became more frequent and audiences grew larger, it became clear that not only was there a demand for these intimate storytelling events, but that it drew a varied audience, young and old, male and female, couples, avid readers and even fans of classic horror films.

Weeping Bank Library is now on a mission to expand this simple concept to beyond Halloween and Christmas, to libraries beyond South Staffs and even online for all in the UK to enjoy. It will keep the promotion of reading at its heart, all the time bringing new, and lapsed, readers back into libraries for a unique experience.

There is further info about Weeping Bank and social media and contact details in this fuller description.

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