“Should museums remain impartial?”

Important post on the MuseumNext site – it concludes:

“Many museums began life as an institution for the status quo; a place where the wealthiest and most powerful could assert their status and cement their view as the default state of things.

Today, however, things can be different. They may not have started as such, but nowadays museums have the potential to be a force for public good. Modern museums welcome all kinds of people and views, not just those of the rich and powerful, and use these views to create discourse, awareness, education and exchange.

Democratic cultural spaces are made by aiming for neutrality, but by recalibrating the balance of power and giving voice to those who would otherwise struggle to be heard. Through social conscious exhibitions and outreach efforts, many museums are already playing their part in this, giving voice to what’s important to their audience.”

Post dated 9 Mar 2020.

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