Mental Health and Wellbeing Information Service (MHIS)

Suffolk libraries’ service provides up-to-date and reliable information about mental health and wellbeing.

“Suffolk libraries’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Information Service (MHIS) supports several areas of the Suffolk county council’s joint health and wellbeing strategy. This includes aiding prevention of ill health and mental ill health by encouraging Suffolk residents to become more active, and lead healthier lives with a better understanding of the links between physical and mental health. There are currently many activities the public can attend in Suffolk Libraries which fit into this agenda, including: Top Time (activities for older people), New Age Kurling (low impact indoor sport), adult colouring sessions, and many parent/carer and child activities. The MHIS aims to further advertise these groups as being beneficial for wellbeing and also to develop and deliver new groups, events and activities to support the strategy.

Part of the strategy is also to ensure Suffolk residents have the opportunity to improve their own health and wellbeing by sustaining and building seamless partnerships between provider organisations, helping decrease stigma and increase involvement in, and understanding of, mental health. The MHIS aims to support this by raising awareness of the support and information that not only the library service provides, but also of that from the multitude of provider organisations across Suffolk.”

Further info on the DCMS Libraries Task Force website.

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