Black Lives Matter: “Statement on the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, USA”: Statement by the CILIP BAME Network

The CILIP BAME Network has issued a powerful statement which includes:

“We demand justice for George Floyd and for all those who have gone before him and we stand in solidarity with the statement of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. We encourage our members and supporters of anti-racism to consider the recommendations of the Black Caucus to amplify their voice against racism and injustice.

George Floyd’s death is also a symbol, one of those watershed moments that publicly confronts the global racism which has been faced by black people and people of colour for generations and demands that we acknowledge racism’s very existence; that we genuinely commit to dismantling it. However, there will be no change without our collective action.”

and concludes:

“Library, information and knowledge professionals have a key role to play in dismantling racism. The CILIP BAME Network calls on professionals to pro-actively deliver collections, services, space and teaching with the objective of creating an anti-racist society. We ask everyone to personally reflect and take action.”

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