GEM Conference 2018: "Past, Present and Future"

4-6 Sept 2018, Nottingham

"To celebrate GEM’s 70th anniversary this year’s conference will be exploring how the landscape of heritage education has evolved over time with a look to what lies ahead for the sector. ...

What have we learned from previous practices and how can we ensure a sustainable and vibrant heritage education provision both now and in the future? There will be a focus on current innovative practices, which challenge previously held norms and have adapted to an ever shifting financial landscape. We shall also consider what the future holds and look at how we take our shared learning forward.

The conference will approach this through three major threads:

  1. Sharing the learning from the heritage sector, with a focus on the evolution of our practices, audiences and outcomes.
  2. Exploring current ground-breaking programmes, challenging previous thinking and developing new models.
  3. Looking to future trends in heritage education, posing possible solutions and innovative working practices to address these."

Further info on the Group for Education in Museums website.